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    Repeated measures 2x3 design on SPSS

    My data has two factors. Factor 1 has 2 levels and Factor 2 has 3 levels. ie a 2x3 design. Right? The study is within-subjects. So on SPSS, I went to General Linear Model -> Repeated Measures and entered factor 1 (2) and factor 2 (3). But then when I go to define it, SPSS gives me: 1,1...
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    ANOVA maybe?

    I realized the answer but can't see how to delete.
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    t-test help- what is the IV???

    I did an experiment where I got data on children’s playmate choices (like if they chose to play with boys or girls or both or neither). My hypothesis was that they would play with children of the same gender more than the opposite gender. There are 4 options (same-gender, opposite, mixed...