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    How to model weighted average ratios in the [0,1] interval

    Maarten Buis on this forum provided great insight on how to model percentages in the [0,1] interval ( I now have a similar but somewhat different problem, in that I'd need to model weighted average...
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    Maximum likelihood estimation and GLMs - can you help me refresh my rusty memory?

    Hi all, I was wondering if you can help me refresh my rusty memory on maximum likelihood estimation. I think I remember the basic concept from my university courses in a previous life. Banal example: we want to fit a normal distribution to the observations 3,4,5, then N(4,1) is the best...
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    Modelling percentages in the closed interval [0-1]

    Hi all, I am trying to model percentages which are in the closed interval [0,1] . Specifically, I am not modelling the probability of a yes/no outcome (for which logistic regression is often used), but I am modelling a continuous numeric variable which can take all the values in the [0,1]...