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    Adding letters in graph for no significant difference

    Hi, does anybody now how to add letters in a graph (lineplot) in R for treatment levels that did not differ significantly from each other? I've searched the web but without any luck :shakehead Thank you!
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    build 2 graphs separated by levels of an IV?

    Hello there! I'm trying to make a graph in R: it should be a lineplot with SE bars; x-axis there are 5 treatment levels, y-axis the continuous DV. Also, the data should be separated by years (which I managed to do) but also an additional IV grouping variable (let's call it Q). I think it's...
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    Interpretation of significant nested term in linear mixed model

    Hello! I ran a linear mixed model and used a nested term as random factor and it turned out to be significant. How do you interpret it and what does it imply for further analyses? Thanks for your help!
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    Linear Regression output changes every time

    Hi everybody I'm performing a Linear Regression with SPSS in with one dependent variate and 11 independent ones (these are not my fixed factors, I analyzed them previously in a Mixed Model; these 11 IV are covariates in my experiment). I want to find out which of these IV explain the DP. So...
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    [Solved] Use mean or not?

    Hi everbody, Here's probably a quite simple question but I just want to be sure before doing tests on it. I'm not sure if I have to take the means of my data or not, here's a short description of my experiment: I have 18 single blocks where I measured, at each block on two areas. So...