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    SOS!!!!!!! Appraisal Ratio in R

    Please share with me! Thank you in advance!:)
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    test of logistic regression constant

    Hello, everyone! I wonder whether anyone knows how can i intepret a coefficient of constant in logistic regression. I have used "logistic" in stata, so i got oddsratios. My constant is eqiual .0441026** Please help ! i googled it , but did not find anything.
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    logistic regression+test of hypothesis

    Hello guys! I need your advice. I have done a logistic regression to estimate a probability of impaiment occurs or not. My indep.variables were different factors that can inflduence dep.variable. The data is taken from the stock exchange so it is not normally distributed. I got results...
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    question about change in period

    Hello guys:) I wonder whether you can help me. I do not know which analysis i can use. My aim is to prove or not the following hypothesis: The percentage amount of impairment ( impairment/total assets) has grown during 2012-2014 years. My data will consist of percentage amount of...
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    Question about type of research

    Hello guys!:) I wonder whether anyone of you who is killing in statistics could give an advice. I am writing my master thesis at the moment. The first part of my research is planned to be focused on the sample of N oilservice firms, in other words, firms in the same industry. What i want...
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    A problem of several dummies in regression(Excel)

    Hello, everyone! :) In Excel I tried to make a regression equation with several dummies. The task is: Include the manufacturer in a multiple linear regression analysis using a "dummy" variable. Does it appear that some manufacturers can command a premium price? Hint: You will need to use a...
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    Statistics. Determining the mean.

    Hello! Can someone help me please with this exercise? The Kentucky Derby is held the first Saturday in May at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. The race track is one and one-quarter miles. The following table shows the winners since 1990, their margin of victory, the winning time, and...