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    Chi Square

    Hi, If I perform a chi square test and get a p value = .000 but Phi value is negative this means that the relation between the variables is negative? I mean, as 1 variable increase, the other must decrease? Or i can not say that based on a negative phi value? Since the chi squere result...
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    Reading Binary Logistic Regression results

    Hi! Need some help on Binary Logistic Regression results interpretation. 1) On Block 0: Begining Block i have overall percentage of 76%, but after adding the independent variables in Block 1 i still have 76%. Does it mean the independent variables do not predict the dependent variable...
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    SPSS - Logistic Regression - Continuous independent and moderating variables

    Hi, I'm trying to analyse the relation between 4 independent variables and 1 dependant variable (yes=1, no=0), using Logistic Regression, in SPSS. Also, i'll add 5 moderating variables. I have several doubts about that: 1) My independant variables are all continuous. I must group them into...