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  1. Lukan27

    Which test to use?

    One thing is to use a test, but you can always show some descriptive statistics about the matter. It's pretty easy to juxtapose some histograms or whatever for the groups, and let the readers judge. Sadly it's not that common in academia to do this.
  2. Lukan27

    Doing correct backwards elimination with interaction terms?

    I'm wondering about this, and I can't find an answer anywhere. My textbook (Agresti and Finlay 2009) clearly says how to do backwards elimination on a linear model, but I'm sitting in a situation my textbook doesn't explain. Neither was I able to find anything on Google or this forum, about this...
  3. Lukan27

    Help on interpreting linear regression

    Help on interpreting linear regression estimates I'm currently working on a larger assignment, and I need some input how to interpret the results from my/a linear regression. I'm pretty sure I get it right, but as a precautionary measure some input would be lovely. I've websearched and...
  4. Lukan27

    CSV-file with random 8-digit integers

    Hi. I'm looking for some help I simply can't get my head (or Google) around. I'm trying to create a CSV-file with 250 entries, all with a semi-random 8-digit number. Here's the catch, the first number must be a 2, eg. 2******x, 250 times. I'm pretty close to do it with this code...
  5. Lukan27

    Question on the functions of R matrices

    I'm currently learning R, and starting out with the manual. I've made it to 5.3 Index matrices, and met this: > x <- array(1:20, dim=c(4,5)) > x [,1] [,2] [,3] [,4] [,5] [1,] 1 5 9 13 17 [2,] 2 6 10 14 18 [3,] 3 7 11 15 19 [4,] 4 8 12...
  6. Lukan27

    Interpretting Levene's test (Stata)

    I looked this up quite a bit, and found alot about it, but I'm still not entirely sure if I got it right. I just recently got an assignment back with some needed corrections; this one is about Levene's test and t-test. My lecturer wants me to do a Levene's test (robvar in Stata), and I get these...
  7. Lukan27

    Bar graph sorted by sex shown in means

    Hi, new to the forum. I'm beginning to love statistics, but Stata is a pain in a certain place, mostly my head. But it's part of my curriculum. Everything is going fine, but I simply cannot figure out how to make a bar chart with my index variable seperated by sex, shown in means...