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  1. ondansetron

    Logistic regression for prediction of outcome?

    What question are you trying to answer more specifically? Just if a patient will have any pleural effusion as found (by what method)? Xray? Ultrasound? Only the effusions that get tapped and drained? Are these effusions measured for volume estimates or literally just we identify it or not on...
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    How does p-values influence prediction result?

    Whats the global test p-value comparing the complete model to the intercept only model?
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    Online Biostatistics Course/Master's Degree

    If you want an actual online MS in stats or biostats check out: University of Florida online MS in biostatistics Texas A&M online MS in statistics Penn State U online masters in applied statistics The first two, I have heard are literally as if you were in the courses on campus but chose to...
  4. ondansetron

    Transform to Normality not possible

    Don't have time to jump into this fully, perhaps @staassis will help out more as this is in his neck of the woods. Quick things: there are parametric tests for nonnormally distributed variables (common misconception); nonnormality of OLS errors doesn't leave coefficients uninterpretable but...
  5. ondansetron

    Interpreting the COX Model

    Cox isn’t an acronym. Just a name.
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    R [ugly] and R [studio]

    I honestly haven't learned or started using R enough to know! I can never find how to update the R ugly (is it called Gui?), only the packages installed. With R, consider me someone who basically downloaded it and tried to create some objects 1-2 times so far. I've installed many more packages...
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    R [ugly] and R [studio]

    Not sure the official name of the ugly bare-bones syntax interface for R, sorry. If I install/update a package in the R[ugly] is it automatically installed/carried into R studio? If not, is there an easy way to make this happen?
  8. ondansetron

    Linear Regression slopes- can you predict an acceptable slope range?

    Like many things in medicine (I'm guessing, unless you're more PhD in virology type), the "standard" is arbitrary and often misses the intended mark. Can you ask your advisor why an R-squared of >.9 (or did he actually mean correlation of .9 and r-squared of >.81?) and how .9375 and 1.0625 for...
  9. ondansetron

    EASY! Which analysis?

    That assumes a linear relationship between the values. What if the relationship is better represented by some nonlinear function (maybe extremely high and low values differ by different amounts than one another and differently from middle values, for example)? Which way are you working? Are...
  10. ondansetron

    PPM calculations for 6 Sigma

    Please define your abbreviations. There are many different meanings for the same letters...
  11. ondansetron

    Sum of questionnaire score - ordinal vs interval? and choosing an inference test

    Rather than matching I would read up on either a rank regression or a proportional odds (ordinal logistic model) so you can just include covariates (Baseline score and others) directly in a multiple regression with the treatment variable as a dummy.
  12. ondansetron

    Sum of questionnaire score - ordinal vs interval? and choosing an inference test

    I think ordinal, generally speaking, although some people argue with enough levels to an ordinal variable you may approximate an interval scale (I don’t necessarily agree). I think it’s inappropriate to pretend a bunch of ordinal items suddenly become interval scale because we summed them. The...
  13. ondansetron

    What kind of test for comparing right-skewed data?

    I think the answer is yes and no-- @Karabiner is probably referring to the fact that with two groups the central limit theorem may be applicable, or he may have been making the distinction that the data (unconditional Y) need not be normally distributed so long as the errors are drawn from a...
  14. ondansetron

    Anova Data

    It sounds like, currently, you have a variable (let's call it "A" for now) with 4 options: Campus Male, Campus Female, Online Male, Online Female. I'm suggesting you "decompose" this variable into it's components of Gender and Mode of Learning (call it "Mode"). For the "Gender" variable, tell...
  15. ondansetron

    Anova Data

    Create a new variable for gender and another for learning mode.
  16. ondansetron

    What kind of test for comparing right-skewed data?

    I don't particularly think either test recommended by @CamilleJosion would be very appropriate given that each individual has 10 measurements. This is a kind of repeated measure design, unless you have reason to believe biopsies on the same person are in no way related (which doesn't make too...
  17. ondansetron

    Constructing intervals VS hypothesis testing?

    Intervals A and B can overlap but represent a significant test of hypothesis for a difference as long as the point estimate of one is outside of the other interval.
  18. ondansetron

    What kind of test for comparing right-skewed data?

    So you'd like to see if the area of adipocytes varies by site? Are the sites arbitrary or important and the same on everyone?
  19. ondansetron

    What kind of test for comparing right-skewed data?

    You're still not asking a specific question. If you're in medicine this is basically asking the workup for a cough without knowing any other information on the patient. If you're in biology this is basically asking someone where vertebrates live. What is it that you are hoping to learn, in...
  20. ondansetron

    What kind of test for comparing right-skewed data?

    Regarding the title: data are neither parametric or nonparametric. Those terms refer to broad classes of statistical methods. Let’s back before determining a test: what are the specific questions you hope to answer?