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  1. Dason

    Value of Features and Attributes to Statistically Estimate Rental Unit Pricing

    Seems like multiple linear regression could get you close to what you want
  2. Dason

    Help Required!

    Whoever told you that doesn't know what they're talking about. Or you misunderstood what they were saying. But either way it's wrong.
  3. Dason

    Generating a uniform function from an exponential function
  4. Dason

    Sample size in proportional tests (prop.test/other suggestions that can include sample size)?

    What makes you think prop.test doesn't take sample size into consideration?
  5. Dason

    Could you tell me what it means that PC1 is 100% from PCA analysis?

    Are you only using two variables? Do they have a correlation of 1 or -1?
  6. Dason

    What do infinite t values mean?

    Are you getting perfect predictions
  7. Dason

    What do infinite t values mean?

    It means the standard error was 0.
  8. Dason

    Logistic regression curve looks like linear regression

    I'm dumping the code for the above graphic here since I don't care enough to save it to my system but I took the time to write it so might as well... # Create the data for a logistic curve xs <- seq(-5, 5, by = .01) ys <- plogis(xs) # Let's do some plotting and save to a png...
  9. Dason

    Logistic regression curve looks like linear regression

    It's sigmoidal over the entire domain/range but if you just look at a subset it can be quite linear. If you just look at the plot for y between .25 and .75 a linear fit is pretty darn good. So if it's turns out that what you're modeling has predicted probabilities mainly in that region then...
  10. Dason

    Detrending data

    Your question isn't formatted very well. Are you asking what the line detr <- zoo(resid(m), index(ts)) is doing?
  11. Dason

    Rolling 4 dice, probability of a sum=S

    I'm still happy to help and I might know what you're trying to get at - but if you could just add a bit of clarifying details that would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Dason

    regression degrees of freedom

    I mean yeah... Nobody has ever said otherwise...
  13. Dason

    pre-publication testing of one-click auto-analysis tool

    Do you worry about people misusing your tool
  14. Dason

    Rolling 4 dice, probability of a sum=S

    Can you clarify? It's not entirely clear to me what you're asking.
  15. Dason

    Perform a z test for 2 proportions without knowing favorable cases

    I really don't understand what you're saying. Can you show what data you actually do have? That would be the most helpful information...
  16. Dason

    Computing mean and SD from percentiles in normal distribution

    If you had the standard deviation and wanted to know the percentile that corresponded to the value 32 what would you do
  17. Dason

    Computing mean and SD from percentiles in normal distribution

    They can. You already did the mean. Let's say you knew the standard deviation - how would you calculate what percentile a value falls at.
  18. Dason

    R programming

    We have had battles on frivolous things. But when it comes to R we are generally respectful. Generally.
  19. Dason

    R programming

    I honestly don't quite 'get' what they were trying to illustrate with their example so I'm not sure it makes sense to analyze that particular example any further. The dots parameter is useful for a few things but what they used it for is... pointless. The two main uses for in my opinion are...
  20. Dason

    R programming

    Honestly I don't think that is a good example for learning/understanding what ... is used for. In this specific case I can't see any reason why one wouldn't just include alpha and beta as named parameters.