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  1. Cameron

    Is the mean of means the best option for my data?

    Ten subjects have been tested by the same measure (imagine an intelligence test). But, there is different number of taking part in experiment for each subject (e.g., Subject A: 1 times; Subject B: 7 times; Subject C: 2 times; etc.). Is the mean of means the best option for calculating the mean...
  2. Cameron

    Post hoc test for a 2 by 2 chi square table?

    Post hoc test is available for chi square test of independence by using standard residual method, for example for a 3 by 3 chi square table. But, is it possible to do it for a 2 by 2 table?
  3. Cameron

    Which statistical test for six subjects?

    Six subjects took part in one experiment. They were supposed to use one method for doing their task but other methods have also been utilized. Which statistical test should I use to show that all subjects used the same method (or not)? Please if it is possible introduce a tutorial.
  4. Cameron

    What P value level do you suggest for this study?

    Dear all, An ANCOVA has been utilized for comparing the performance of three groups in a psychological test. There are 19, 19, and 15 subjects in each group. Some of the P value are like 0.092. Is it a good idea to take them into consideration and report a marginally significant in manuscript?
  5. Cameron

    How I should compute the standard error of PR?

    Hi, When there are two independent groups and proportion ratio (PR) is: PR = p1 / p2 How I should compute the standard error of PR? Should I use the logarithms of the proportion ratios? If yes, I found two different formula for it, which one is correct? SE = (1/p1 + 1/p2 - 1/n1 - 1/n2) ^1/2...
  6. Cameron

    What is the formula for estimating the standard error of variance ratio?

    When there are two independent groups, and variance ratio (VR) is: VR = variance of group A / variance of group B SEVR = ?
  7. Cameron

    Cochran–Armitage test in R

    How can I perform a Cochran–Armitage test in R? I know some primary information about it, but I'm looking for more examples. This is my table: ..............................score ...male.............3............57 ...female.........10.........50 Thanks,
  8. Cameron

    Which statistical test?

    There are 16 previous studies and these are the results: 1. The cats’ performance was better than dogs: 7 studies. 2. There was no significant difference: 9 studies. 3. The dogs’ performance was better than cats: 0 study Which statistical test is appropriate for analyzing this data? (If you...
  9. Cameron

    There was a significant difference between mean scores, so what’s next?

    What’s the mathematical meaning of a significant difference between mean scores? What should we expect? What we are allowed to say about our two groups? For example, if I have done a survey and I have a significant difference between males and females in intelligence. After this survey what I am...
  10. Cameron

    Cochran-Armitage Trend Test (2×2) in SAS

    Hi everybody, How can I perform a Cochran-Armitage Trend Test (2×2) in SAS? Especially I’m looking for a tutorial video. I will be grateful for any recommendation. Thank you for your time. Cameron,