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  1. Dason

    missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed

    That's cool. I still don't have a reproducible example where it's failing for you though. Take a look at your inputs when you get a case where it fails and see what min(whatever) and max(thatotherthing) look like. If they aren't what you're expecting then investigate why.
  2. Dason

    missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed

    It's hard to say anything without a reproducible example because if the inputs are valid it should work although I'm not really sure why you want to do what your code does and it would be better with better indentation. So yeah give some example input where it breaks. The error is basically...
  3. Dason

    How do I unscale coefficients from a gamma log-linked GLMM?

    There are ways to back transform. But why but just got the model without scaling? Theoretically only the coefficients for the previously scaled variables will change (well... And the intercept too).
  4. Dason

    How do I unscale coefficients from a gamma log-linked GLMM?

    What did you do to scale those variables
  5. Dason

    frequency distribution in R (creating adequate class boundaries)

    Try looking at what end up in each bin. I'm guessing your boundaries were respected but the names given to the groups were rounded to only use three digits.
  6. Dason

    normal distribution

    I thought quark already answered this question
  7. Dason

    Skewed Population distribution.

    @hlsmith - I might be misunderstanding but are you trying to claim that the proportion of the population sampled is the important piece and raw sample size isn't what matters?
  8. Dason

    Working from home statistician job- want reviews

    I work as a data scientist from home. I searched for "remote" positions but to be honest it was networking that landed me my current position. I work for a large professional services firm. Do I recommend it? For me - it's absolutely what I want. With that said I don't think it's for...
  9. Dason

    We only provide homework help to those who show effort

    I think quark answered this question earlier in the thread
  10. Dason

    pdf scraping tools

    I've been needing to do some pdf scraping lately. I've just been using the pdftools package in R to accomplish this task. It does a pretty good job reading in the pdf but still requires some moderate post processing to get things formatted as desired. Are there other tools that you know of...
  11. Dason

    quantile-quantile plot (qqplot) in R by hand-ish

    We could also numerically integrate to get the true expected value but I'm lazy so deal with it.
  12. Dason

    quantile-quantile plot (qqplot) in R by hand-ish

    We could do a quick simulation to see how far off the different methods are compared to the true expected values for a standard normal order statistic. sim_normal_quants <- function(n, N = 10000){ simulated <- rowMeans(replicate(N, sort(rnorm(n)))) ppoints <- qnorm(ppoints(n)) trinker...
  13. Dason

    quantile-quantile plot (qqplot) in R by hand-ish
  14. Dason

    Central Moment - Looking for a definition

    Have you seen the wikipedia page on it? The following image gives the basic definition:
  15. Dason

    Chance to win a drawing

    You are correct. One of my preferred ways to go about replying to the kind of logic that the other person conveyed is by asking them to go further with it. If there were 9 tickets for ten people what is the probability that you will win a ticket? Let them use their same logic - after all if...
  16. Dason

    Immortality & Bayesian Statistics

  17. Dason

    The proportion of twitter followers of handle X also following Y

    Do you know how many followers each handle has? And how did you get your sample? Post your code if you can.
  18. Dason

    The proportion of twitter followers of handle X also following Y

    I thought you pulled all followers?
  19. Dason

    The proportion of twitter followers of handle X also following Y

    I don't believe you are and I don't really follow any of your logic. But you have the data so you could just compute it directly: (# of people that follow both X and Y)/(# of people that follow X) will get you the proportion of X's followers that also follow Y. I couldn't completely follow...
  20. Dason

    R package installation issues

    It sounds like you might have a firewall or internet issue going on. But you can just download the packages directly from the parent of that page: . The annoying part for you will be that you'll apparently have to do the dependency installations...