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  1. CowboyBear

    Which statistical test to use

    I haven't looked at your data so I might be missing something here, but it isn't immediately clear to me how you would be able to use statistics to answer your research question. The question of whether a particular asset is a "good" investment is not really a statistical question: One would...
  2. CowboyBear

    Alpha 0.1 and power 75% is it acceptable

    I don't see how the population-sample distinction is relevant here? No one is saying p values are sacred. You don't have to think they're sacred to be against p hacking. Yes, you can just report effect sizes and p values and leave it to others to decide what they mean. But then the OP wouldn't...
  3. CowboyBear

    Alpha 0.1 and power 75% is it acceptable

    There is a move away from statistical significance testing, and setting alpha at 0.05 is indeed somewhat arbitrary. Some of usthink it can be fine to commit to an alpha level other than 0.05, depending on the circumstances of a particular study... But you still have to set the alpha level in...
  4. CowboyBear

    Alpha 0.1 and power 75% is it acceptable

    Is this the case, OP? I hope you haven't decided to switch to a higher alpha level after observing a non-significant result?
  5. CowboyBear

    Bootstrap bca confidence intervals for large number of statistics (boot)

    (This isn't really a question thread - I'm just providing some possibly useful code, and asking for suggestions on how it can be improved). The function in the boot package allows users to get confidence intervals for particular statistics, with the limits obtained via bootstrapping...