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    How much do you know about mediation and do you believe it exists in you study or are you just looking to see if it exists. If later, you shouldn't examine for it unless you know what it is and have sound reason to think it exists. I think you need some more background knowledge on mediation...
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    I think you need to be able to better describe the question. What is getting mediated?
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    Age-adjusted P value

    You could use linear regression and control for it in the model. How did you find your control group? Watch out for health worker bias in controls or survival bias in the cases.
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    Significant t-test result but non-significant mediational regression result?

    Post your output. Ideally, draw out this model and add the values you got from your output. How do you know where "self-compassion" fits into this model? Why do you think it mediates intervention vs intervention mediates it?
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    Are you able to draw out your proposed mediation model using a directed acyclic graph. Also, I have asked before, but are these multilevel data?
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    Which test to use to compare means for normal and non normal data

    Well, what I was alluding to was that scores can be percentages, which are bound between 0 and 1.00. If all of the scores were high (e.g. .90's but there was quite a bit of variability, your standard deviation may not represent the data coverage symmetrically. Say your mean = 95% and std = 10%...
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    Is there proper homoskedasticity test for large sample size data ??

    Visualizations are usually preferred over tests.
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    Which test to use to compare means for normal and non normal data

    Are scores bound within 0-100%? It would be beneficial if you posted a histogram of the scores for each group. Thx.
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    Help with correlations

    Your data are vexing. Are some observations missing in the first dataframe? You also don't really label the columns. What does your original assignment look like. Post a screenshot of it, because your rendition doesn't make since.
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    Simple linear regression model

    @MichaelHendriks - do you have a question or are you just enlightening us?
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    Logistic Regression help

    Not an SPSS person, but they all look categorical to me. Can you convert the continuous variables back to continuous variables, which would make more since then discretizing them.
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    Repeat Function Across Rows

    I am trying to run a bunch of values through the evalues.RD function in the EValue package in R. The function just wants inputs for 4 integer values: install.packages("EValue") library(Evalue) evalues.RD(300,20,10,310) However, I want to run a bunch of values through the function. The...
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    handling of missing values

    What is the cause of the missingness?
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    SPSS and R discrepancy

    How big is your discrepancy? I wonder too if you do get both covariance structures to align, you still may have a slight discrepancy due to say starting values for model convergence criteria.
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    I'm at a dead end!!

    Well your data don't necessarily need to be normal, that assumption is on the residuals. So linear regression my be a possibility. Tell us more about your data and there formatting. Also to confirm, you have 7 different outcomes and 1 predictor, correct? P.S., I love your post's title, though...
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    HELP!! Calculate odds for Exp (B)

    This was a nested model, right? It provides them for you, "Exp(B)".
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    Oneway Bonferroni

    Also you dont have to report pvalues. Report estimates with corrected confidence intervals! Everyone thinks you need pvalues, but you don't - estimates are way more informative.
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    Multivariate analysis for Medicine Thesis

    Bivariate means two variables, independent and dependent. Univariate is one variable, like a mean. Multivariate means multiple dependent variables. survival you can use fixed variables like you have, then you just need time to event, which can be discrete or conti nuous (days to event or time...
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    Multivariate analysis for Medicine Thesis

    Why did you not consider survival analyses? You likely have enough data to power zero predictors in a model beyond an intercept or have an underpowered model with a single predictors and intercept. The way to think about it, say you had the following variables: old/young male/female...
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    Multivariate analysis for Medicine Thesis

    How many events (complications) did you have?