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    Odds ratio and confidence interval both 0?

    How is it possible to have both an odds ratio and confidence interval of zero in a logistic regression model? All other predictors look good.
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    Large sample size but lots of missing data for ONE co-variate

    I am running a logistic regression analysis and I have pretty much have complete data for all variables in my model except for one important co-variate where just over 30% of data are missing! When I've run the model with the one variable with all the missing data, the same variables are...
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    Analysis for a Cluster RCT

    I am conducting an analysis for a cluster RCT, where the clusters are schools. When I compare the intervention to the control group overall without assessing the impact of the intervention on specific clusters, there is no statistically significant difference in the continuous outcome variable...
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    Regression coefficient and SE = 0

    I have a continuous variable in my regression model that is normally distributed. It has a statistically significant relationship with my continuous outcome variable, but the regression coefficient and standard error are both 0. What should I do in this situation? What would cause the...