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    Gaussian process and Gaussian regression

    Hello, I have some problem understing the Gaussian regression and the way it works. Could you please explain to me some things? The first thing I don't understand is why this regression does it use the joint/multivariate probability to get new value of the Y? The...
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    How can be used time series in sport?

    Hello, noob here in statistics. How can be time series be useful to sport stats modelling? Let's take as an examplem footbal
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    What is the difference between sample algorithms and algoritms for estimating parameters?

    I have red this in the website: MCMC is a family of sampling algorithms, which means given a distribution, these algorithms return samples according to this distribution. Many problem, bayesian posterior inference for instance, require you compute the posterior distribution P(θ|D), most of...
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    Weighted avearge mean

    Hello here is my problem. I am analizying some tennis matches, and I am able to see the highest odd (bookmaker's odd) reached by that tennis player in N-matches (N is number of matches) Then I take all the highest odds reached by that tennis player during his N-matches , and...
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    Before to making a regression

    Hello I want to ask you, before to making a regression should we understand which distribution follow the datas? Let's take an example: if the data have a poisson distribution, then I will run a Poisson regression? If the data follow a gaussian then one should use...
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    Don't understand the meaning of ''training a dataset''

    Hi, I have a set of data. Those data are based on data mining from my website. I have the number of users per month who go to my website ( X ) , and the time they spent on the website on each webpage ( y ) . Now with this dataset as an example, could you...
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    Standardization of a variable

    Hello, before making a linear regression, how can I know if I have to standardize a variable?
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    analisy of residual

    Hi, after a regression is necessary to make an analisy of residuals to know if the model were accurate? ù Noob here, could you explaine me please, why you could do an analisy of residuals and for which purpose does it serve?
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    Density probability function considering a subinterval which have different probabilities

    Hi I was studying probability density and on a site I read this example Mr. Rossi waits for a phone call from Mr. Bianchi who has announced that he will call, in an unspecified instant, between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. Mr. Rossi must however be away from 4.45 pm to 5.00 pm. What is the probability...
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    Bernoulli distribution

    I am reading the Bernoulli distribution. In the example a dado / dice with 6 faces. By rolling 5 times a dice I have the chance to get 3 twice first, then two different numbers and finally the number ''3''? He uses a Bernoulli distribution to calculate the composite probability. let's...
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    What is teh difference between a linear regression and a correlation between 2 variables?

    they seem the same thing, can someone to explaine which is the difference?
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    Hello I am new to R I want to spot if there is a correlation between the number of Aces made by a tennis player during the matches and the number of matches won I have two variable: the Aces and the matches won The I have the months: Genuary , february, April How do I...
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    Best machine learning algo to have odds on a match?

    Hello. I can't code, I can't code in VBA /Excel. I was thinking to use Google Cloude machine learning / deep learning to forecast the odds of an event. I would be thankful if you suggested to me a software for predicting models which it would be simple to use for someone who is...
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    EMA and WMA computation

    Hello (I am new to statistic, I am 20 years old just starting out, please don't be so rude) Given these numbers: 2, 3, 4, 8, 10, 15, 22 and here the number of days (each number for the correspective day, so 2 *1day, 3*2day, 8* 4): 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Calculate the...
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    Prediction models and correlation in R

    Forgive if I am not a seasoned statistician, I am starting out since some months. It's very difficult to starting out, I think you know it. I don't know many terms, and what it's super-difficult is also to learn R language and tools in R, how do they work. I am mining...
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    How to get the odds of an event, based on its linear regression analisy?

    As the title say. I have made a linear regression analisy of an event, and I got the concentration of probabilities at a given space of the Graphic (X, Y) ... so how to extract the odds of the event to happen by this linear regression analisy? This is the grahic:
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    could you help me with this problem?

    In the month of May a tennis player A reached the maximum odd of 4 every 3 matches he makes against other players who usually statistically reached in the same month the maximum odd of 3 every 3 matches.. In june the same tennis A reaches the maximum odd of 4 every 6...
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    Statistic software to calculate this?

    Hello everyone. This is a difficult post... take your time to read please, and I am sorry if I have not explained myself very well I would like to calculate the average frequency of an event in a tennis match: For example, let's say that Rodger Federer in the most of the tennis...
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    Quantitative analisis and prediction model

    Hello, can you explain to me how is made quantitave analisis of a bunch of data and which software do you use to create a prediction model of an event? I do data mining, I have mined a lot of data and information, which software could I use to build the prediction model...
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    I can't utilize R

    Hello, I have downloaded R for UBunt but I can't code.. I don't know R language. and I don't have time to learn... what could I do? I have ubuntu... Is there any paid software? I would like it have to GUI (user interface) on which I can have statistical model...