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    What is the difference between sample algorithms and algoritms for estimating parameters?

    I have red this in the website: MCMC is a family of sampling algorithms, which means given a distribution, these algorithms return samples according to this distribution. Many problem, bayesian posterior inference for instance, require you compute the posterior distribution P(θ|D), most of...
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    Biostatistics opportunity in a new genomics company

    Offering an exciting opportunity for a biostatistician to join a rapidly growing genomics company based in Cambridge, UK If you have experience of developing predictive/prognostic algorithms, a knowledge of clinical genomic sequencing and a desire to make a real impact on the improvement of...
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    Plotting decision tree (from own algorithm) - best way to visualize tree?

    Hi Talk Stats, What: I've created my own decision tree algorithm, this results in a total of n-paths which is stored in a list (hence the list has n-elements). Each path is a vector of size m_i, where i =1,2,3, ..., n. Yes you guessed it right, since it's a decision tree every path starts at...
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    finite Mixture of exponential in matlab

    Hi all can any body here help me with ((finite Mixture of exponential in matlab)) I want to simulate it in matlab or R for any given data ?
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    Genetic Algorithm in SPSS

    hi i want use of genetic clustring algorithm in spss , but this in not in this software please help me and answer to my question where how i can used from genetic algorithm for cluster my data in spss ? thank you good luck
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    Missing values with Row and Column Totals

    Hello everyone, I'm working with government panel data (yearly data of manufacturing industry (row) by continent (column)) that has a lot (about 10%) missing values that appear to be random. However, I do have the row and column totals, and I do have (in many cases), the surrounding years'...