andrew hayes

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    SPSS-PROCESS-HAYES Mediation-Model 84

    While HAYES offers guidelines on how select his basic models in SPSS (, I am trying to write the syntax for his Model 84 (picture below) I have 956 respondents, and my X (indep. var) has 4 cases. My solution: process...
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    Significant t-test result but non-significant mediational regression result?

    Please help! I'm so desperate, this is for my thesis due soon. What does it mean if your t-test is significant but the regression is not? I am running a psychology study. We assessed two meditation interventions (mindfulness versus loving kindness) and proposed a mediator (self-compassion) and...
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    Process Model and Covariates

    Hi all, I am having difficulty with Andrew Hayes' Process tool and my mediation model. Is it acceptable to run a mediation analysis with a continuous predictor, outcome and mediator variable, but then have dichotomous categorical variables as covariates? I am attempting to control for whether...