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    Is one-way ANOVA the proper test to use?

    Hello, In my science class, we had to record the amount of time it took for an ant to escape 4 different colored mazes to see if color had an impact on escape time. In determining the statistical significance of the differences in escape time for the different colors, would a one-way ANOVA be...
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    Coding and Visualizing Repeated Measures and Mixed-Effects Models

    I am doing a study analyzing trends in changing bird diversity over the past 40 years. Surveys have been taken at 20 locations each year. The survey locations are the random effect and repeated each year. This is the code and output I used in the lme4 library...
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    Protocol comparison: repeated measures ANOVA and mixed linear models

    Hello! This is my first experience with repeated measures ANOVA and mixed linear models. Since I did not found an example that uses a design similar to my experiment, I hope I can get some help. I collected 3 soil samples (SAMPLE_ID) in 4 areas (SITE), totaling 12 samples. My objective is to...
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    What is the best statistical test/approach for pre- and post-intervention analysis?

    Dear colleagues, We assessed several psychological measures (e.g. self-compassion scale, five-facets mindfulness questionnaire, satisfaction with life scale) before and after a Mindfulness-Based Psychoeducational Program for groups of people with acquired brain injuries. We would like to...
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    formula for factorial ANOVA interaction effect

    Good day. I have a question regarding the formula for calculating interaction effects. In Andy Field book he gives: SSa×b = SSmodel − SSa − SSb, where a and b are the different factors in our model. What happens when we have 3 or more factors? Is this then: SSa×b×c = SSmodel - SSa - SSb - SSc...
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    How can I compare the effect of different VI on my VD?

    Hi, I would like to compare the effect of different independent variables on a dependent variable. My VD is quantitative. I have 3 VI that are nominal: Valence (2 levels), Rhetorical orientation (2 levels), statement type (3 levels). It looks like that: In order to asses the influence of...
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    Need help: What is the appropriate test to perform?

    Dear All, I have some troubles choosing the right test to my data. I have 7 groups in total with N=8 samples each. Group 1: control Group 2: Variable 1 = A, Variable 2 = 1 Group 3: Variable 1 = A, Variable 2 = 2 Group 4: Variable 1 = A, Variable 2 = 3 Group 5: Variable 1 = B, Variable 2 =1...
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    Significant interaction no significant comparision

    Dear community, I did a linear mixed model full factorial with 2x2. I use the linear mixed model like an ANOVA and I have one significant main effect and a significant interaction effect.To solve the interaction I split my data by one variable and analyze the main effect by the other variable...
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    Hi All! I've been trying to manually calculate the sum of squares for 2 independent variables in an ANOVA table and can only seem to work out two total sum of squares exaplianed by the two independent vairables. Is there any way that I can work out how many sum of squares is attributed to each...
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    When 'not' to use MANOVA?

    Hey! This is about my PhD thesis where I am trying to see the pattern of memory deficit among different types of hypothyroidism. I have used a between subject group design with 1 IV with four levels. Thus, I have 4 four groups which are: Subclinical Hypothyroid group N= 14 Overt Hypothyroid...
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    GPower f (V) effect size interpretation

    I am having difficulty understanding how to interpret effect size f(V) on GPower for a priori sample size calculation for ANOVA repeated-measures, within-between interaction. I am conducting an a priori power analysis to calculate sample size for ANOVA repeated measures, within-between...
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    Best statistical method for CFU/ml?

    I have sets of data in CFU/ml for different sampling sites collected in two different seasons. 1. How do I compare the CFU/ml between sampling sites within one season? 2. How do I compare the CFU/ml in different seasons of the same sampling site? one-way ANOVA?
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    Test wanted for comparing algorithms

    Study design Suppose I want to compare algorithm runtime performance (measured in seconds) of different algorithms for the same problem type. There are several problem instances for this problem type on which the algorithms are tested and performance is measured. Possible tests As far as I...
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    Anova question

    Anova question... I know anova is typically used on three groups who take one test, for example, but can you use it on one group who takes three tests (to compare the means on the three different tests, when all participants took all three tests)?
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    GLM for two quantitatives data as DV

    Hello all, I have the following data res=structure(list(Zone = 1:12, Cat1 = c(0.5, 3.5, 1, 1, 2, 5.75, 9.33333333333333, 9, 11.6666666666667, 3.41666666666667, 4.58333333333333, 0), Other_cat = c(48.5, 45.5, 42, 52, 50, 42.25, 39.6666666666667, 34, 41.3333333333333, 42.5833333333333...
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    Study inhomogeneity at differents levels

    It's about a social psychology study. People assigned to 2 portions [ R (Right) L (Left)] in 3 spaces (88,29,25) that each one have 3 configurations (1,2,3) R and L are quantitites of person that follows the instructions while n_R and n_L are quantities of persons in each sample that do not...
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    What test should I use for comparing dependent groups?

    Hello, I am comparing individual's answers to 10 questions where they must put a low range and a high range. After answering these questions individually, they answer the same questions but in a group. I am hypothesizing that a measure they took on their individual goal orientation level will...
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    mixed repeated measures ANOVA

    I have a data set with two groups of participants - Group_A (anxious, not depressed) & Group_B (depressed, not anxious), out of which half of the participants in each group completed task in one of the two conditions (Training_1 & Training_2) at three different times (before, after and 1month...
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    What's wrong with my BANOVA (Bayesian ANOVA)?

    Hi everyone... I'm new to Bayesian statistics and I'm trying to perform a BANOVA. I'm using the following book to help me: "Doing Bayesian Data Analysis A Tutorial Introduction with R and BUGS", written by John K. Kruschke. I'm working on a simulated data set, trying to find a difference in...
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    one way ANOVA or paired t test?

    Apologies if this is a basic question, but my stats is very rusty these days! Background: I'm looking at a procedure that automates FISH analysis in a genetics diagnostics laboratory. I am currently running 7 patients that are negative controls (known normal patients) on the automated system to...