area under the curve

  1. victorxstc

    ROC curve from an array of Confusion Matrices (true positive rate and false positive rate)

    How can us create an ROC curve from confusion matrices?
  2. S

    Area under the curve after 10-fold cross validation

    Hi everyone, After performing a 10-fold cross validation, I now have area under the curve (AUC) for each of the 10 test subsets. I calculated the average AUC (0.63). I was interested to get the 95% CI, so I calculated the SE of the mean = 0.63 / sqrt root of 10 = 0.19. The 95% CI for...
  3. M

    Add AUCs

    I want to add Area Under the Curve (AUC) from multiple meta analyses. AUC for each Meta analysis is given. How can I add them together?
  4. C

    Estimating the variance of a computation from descriptive statistics

    Hello, I am a Ph.D. candidate in the behavioural sciences and I am a bit at a loss with respect to finding a solution to the problem to follow: I have the means and standard deviations of three time points in a sample of twenty people. Mean (SD) 10.3 (2.4) 9.2 (1.3) 9.5 (1.8) I...
  5. G

    ROC analysis - what to do when the base rate is low

    Hi, I'd be incredibly grateful to anyone who could help me with a ROC analysis problem. Study background I'm currently working on my PhD looking at the predictive validity of two risk assessment tools (violence and sexual violence) when implemented in clincal practice. The outcome data are...