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    Probability given an occurrence rate (small airplane fatal accidents)

    Hi All, I would like to know if the method I’m using to calculate a probability based on an occurrence rate is correct or if there is a better method to use. Here is some context to give you an idea of what I’m working with: I am looking at determining the probability of a fatal accident...
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    Which type of analysis should I do? HELP!! Dissertation Issues!

    Finally getting back to research for my dissertation after a 4 year break from the classroom!! need some help on which analyses are best for some of the following scenarios. Thanks!! 1-test the statistical significance of and type of relationship between a DV (scale level of measure—i.e...
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    Rolling a die 600 times

    So I was given a question that states that "A gambler buys a new die and throws it 600 times. Assuming the die is unbiased, estimate the probability that he obtains between 90 and 100 "sixes". What might he conclude if he were to have obtained 120 "sixes"?" A few people in my class suggested...