beta regression

  1. S

    Mixed model Beta distribution fit diagnostics

    Hello, I have a split-plot design and I want to test the effect of 2 factors on the disease incidence (continuous proportion). I am using Beta dist. which is appropriate for these data (bounded within 0-1). The fit statistics look OK (Pearson Chi-square/DF close to 1) Fit Statistics for...
  2. hlsmith

    Beta Regression Resources?

    Does anyone have some good resources for Beta Regression related to all of its parts: -assumptions -diagnostic (residuals) -interpretation of independent variables (continuous and categorical) -etc. _____________________________________________________ I am going to get a dataset...
  3. M

    Non-proportion percentage as a response

    Moderator note: This thread was split from a previous thread as it didn't directly address the question in the previous thread and deserves its own space Hi everybody, I know it is a bit old topic but I hope someone can give me advice. I have a similar situation (ANOVA with percentages) but...
  4. T

    Beta NO Intercept purpose

    Hey guys, What would a Beta with NO intercept tell me about a time series model?
  5. Amanda_UK

    Beta-Regression and AIC (model selection)

    Hello, dear fellow R users, I am using beta regression because I am trying to predict percentages (response and dropout rates) of surveys. My aim is now to come up with a final model (I have many different variables and want to reduce them to a final model). I wanted to do that by using...