1. F

    Beta significance level in one model the same as the R-squared-change significance

    I am very new to statistics, so apologies in advance if I have not explained this clearly. I have run two types of linear regression: - The first contains 4 independent variables, all entered at the same time. - The second uses "blocks" to enter 3 of the independent variables in the first...
  2. P

    binomial distribution problem, calculating probability from a B(p,q) distribution

    Hello everyone, I have been trying to solve this Beta distribution problem for quite some time without success. I can get as far as getting the 20 value, but I just cannot tell how the f(x)dx = .3672 is obtained. Underneath is a short description of the problem and on attachment the approach...
  3. T

    Beta NO Intercept purpose

    Hey guys, What would a Beta with NO intercept tell me about a time series model?
  4. trinker

    Rank Coefficients

    Is there a way to rank the relative importance of correlation coefficients?
  5. S

    [Stata] How to Get the Beta Coefficient as a Variable using Stata

    After regressing by gvkey: lag1 lag2 I get 815 tables with a beta coefficient included. But I am only interested in getting these betas in a list for further use. Thx for your reaction in advance!
  6. S

    Help with the Beta Distribtuion

    Background: I'm currently trying to learn how to use Bayesian Analysis for split testing two sets of binomial data. (Web analytics, Multi-Armed Bandit approach, etc). The Beta distribution kept coming up in this research, so Im trying to understand and apply it better. So, the best...
  7. G

    Hypothesis Testing - finding the power and beta!

    A medicine dispensing machine is designed to discharge on average at least 8ml of medicine per dose with a standard deviation of 0.2ml. The amount of medicine per dose is normally distributed. a) If you select a random sample of 16 doses and you are willing to have an (alpha or significance...
  8. A

    Statistics Final Exam Question

    Due to some gray area in a TA's grading, I am going to review my statistics final with my professor on Friday. There's some possibility of a grade change. One of the questions I'm most anxious about, the final question, went essentially like this: "Tommy finds a deck of cards, but he is not...
  9. P

    Plotting regression coefficient over time

    Dear everyone, Hi everyone, I am relatively new to stata and would deeply appreciate your help on this. I am trying to plot my main beta coefficient over time but am not really sure as to which commands I should use. My main dv and iv are fdi inflow and political tension and my data covers...
  10. M

    Trouble standardizing regression slopes

    Dear readers, Hopefully you can help me with the following problem. I am using meta-analytic software to perform a meta-analysis. When I perform meta-regression in this program, results only show unstandardized slopes (B). To allow comparison of my predictor X (in days) with others (from...