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    A Statistical Test Learning Rate?

    First off, I apologize if I am creating a new thread for something that already exists. I used the search option, but didn't find anything that seemed to relate to my question. Though, it's entirely possible that I'm using the wrong search terms..... I was wondering if someone could...
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    How to set up manova in MATLAB for multifactor analysis

    I have 4 independent variables: Frequency (within-subjects, continuous, 16 levels) Amplitude (within-subjects, continuous, 3 levels) Time (between-subjects, continuous, 7 levels) Status (within-subjects, categorical, 2 levels) and 2 dependent variables: Storage (continuous) Loss...
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    What design does my study have?

    Say for example I wanted to do a study comparing cats (the control group) and dogs, measuring the extent to which they exhibit 4 behavioural variables. My initial graph should display the differences found between the two groups, but then I want to dig further into the results. In my dog...