binomial distriubtion

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    Binomial/Poisson (or any ) Distribution for finding out probability of me getting into a business school,plz help with my calculation.

    Probability of getting into a business school is 10%,I have applied to 12 business schools,what is probability that i get accepted by atleast 1 of them? My solution as per Binomial Distribution:- Probability of success(p)=1/10...
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    How does "qpois(1-pvars, 3, .25) " work in R ?

    R code : library(MASS) mu <- rep(0,4) Sigma <- matrix(.7, nrow=4, ncol=4) + diag(4)*.3 rawvars <- mvrnorm(n=10000, mu=mu, Sigma=Sigma) pvars <- pnorm(rawvars) binomvars <- qpois(1-pvars, 3, .25) I have not understood how does qpois(1-pvars, 3, .25) work ? What is the...
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    Binomial Distribution

    A company starts a fund of M dollars from which it pays $1000 to each employee who achieves high performance during the year. The probability of each employee achieving this goal is 0:10 and is independent of the probabilities of the other employees doing so. If there are n = 10 employees...