binomial glm

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    Interaction in a Binomial how interpret

    So, my doubt is simple, I ran this model: glm(formula = pregnancy ~ Bull*SEMEN, family = binomial(),data = dt) Just 2 bulls (a and b) and 2 semen (s and c) related to pregnancy. And I obtained these results: Deviance Residuals: Min 1Q Median 3Q Max -1.2377...
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    Adjust for overdispersion in glm family = binomial (logit) model

    I have an overdispersion problem in my model.. I have the following data: y= succes/fail (%) x= Var1 : Temperature data m1<-glm(cbind(succes,fail)~Var1, data=data, family = binomial(logit)) Call: glm(formula = cbind(succes, fail) ~ Var1, family = binomial(logit), data = data)...
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    unequal sampling effort - binomial generalized linear model - offset

    How to take into account heterogeneity in sampling effort in a binomial glm (presence absence) ? Edit I want to link species presence with environmental variables. But, species data come from camera trapping and camera traps didn't work the same total period (some cameras worked during 50...