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    Bootstrap analysis for partial correlations

    Hello, I was hoping someone could please help or direct me to another page that explains bootstrapping with partial correlations (i.e., correlations between two variables after controlling for a third variable)? For example, correlating posttest performance with another variable (e.g., SAT...
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    Random Resampling from Nest Data

    First off, thanks for your help if you have any comments, and I apologize if there is a post about this somewhere (I was unable to find one). So, here is my problem. I need to randomly draw samples from my dataset of grouped data. I have observations in separate rows. Each participant belongs...
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    AMOS Bootstrapping - Mean Chi Square/df?

    Hi, I am working on a project modelling a variety of psychological outcomes for AIDS-affected youth in South Africa. Inevitably, some of our variables are not normally distributed, so we have used the bootstrapping procedure available in AMOS to estimate paremeters in the model...
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    Bootstrapping confidence intervals for prediction based on SE of the coefficients?

    Is it remotely legitimate to use the standard errors of the coefficients from linear regression in a Monte Carlo simulation to bootstrap 2.5%/97.5% confidence intervals on the predictions? If so (or if not), is there any literature relevant to this approach?
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    Help to interpret bootstrap and sobel results from spss

    Hi, I'm trying to understand the meaning of these results - my hypothesis is that EA mediates between CNFU and PI. Is the mediation full or partial? What does the insignificance of CNFU mean? What else can I learn from these results? VARIABLES IN SIMPLE MEDIATION MODEL Y...
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    large samples and resampling stats

    First post here. Mods- please move thread if in wrong place. I am working with a very large dataset (total n = 30,000+) of normally distributed measurement data on birds. Sample sizes are such that any and all traditional (e.g., ANOVA) hypothesis tests are statistically significant. Rather...