categorical vairable

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    Factor Analysis (categorical variables)

    Hi everyone, I need to run a factor analysis on a few nominal variables. They have no defined order, therefore, I cannot use polychoric correlations to create a matrix. My variables are coded such that: 1- respondent 2- husband 3- In laws and so on. I have eight variables and will...
  2. R

    Comparison of one outcome to all the other outcomes

    Here is some data to play with set.seed(1e4) color = factor(c(rep("blue",20), rep("red",20), rep("yellow",150)), levels=c("red","blue","yellow")) x1 = rnorm(20+20+150,12,3) x2 = c(rnorm(20,5), rnorm(20,5), rnorm(150,7)) x3 = c(rnorm(20,7), rnorm(20,5)...
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    lme model with 3 categorical and 3 continuous variables - output coefficients?

    Hi, I have a regression model with: 3 continuous variables 3 categorical variables - taxon= 4 levels --> I get 3 coefficients in the MLM output (OK) - continent= 5 levels --> I get 4 coefficients in the MLM output (OK) - land cover= 2 levels --> I get both 2 coefficients in the MLM...
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    Calculate values for all permutations of categorical variables

    Hi all, So my particular approach may be completely wrong, so let me provide a high level goal first: The data I'm working with is visitor demographic features with a score. Currently I am using 14 demographic features, each with up to 5 levels. I want determine which partition of...
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    Logisti regression, mean or median of independent variable.

    Greetings great minded statisticians! I have an issue categorizing my continuous variable. I have put a continuous variable with a negative skew, into three categories. I am using logistic regression and I want to see if my three variables of omega-3 fatty acids will reduce the risk of being...
  6. B

    Interaction term in multiple regression with categorical variables

    Hello everybody, I have question concerning categorical variables and multiple regression: My Scenario: I have two independent categorical variables (X1 and X2) coded by dummy variable 0,1, and 2 (i.e. genetic data). If I want to calculate the interaction term, can I also use the product...
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    (2) x 3 x 3 x 2 design experiment with a categorical DV

    Hi all - I've recently conduct a behavioral experiment with a (2) x 3 x 3 x 2 design. There are 4 categorical independent variable (one being a within factor - the other three between), and 1 categorical/binary dependent variable. I'm interested in 1) finding out the main effects of each...
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    Categorical variables - Logistic regression

    Hello, I am trying to run a logistic regression model. I have 4 numeric and 1 categorical variable which are significant. The categorical variable has 8 levels. I want to bin this categorical variable into 3 levels based on the response. Can I do this? For ex. The new variable has 3 levels...
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    Categorical variables and interaction in MLR

    Would it be correct, to add in multiple linear regrression interaction between two categorical variables (i transformed them - dummy variavles) with coding 0 and 1?
  10. S

    Anova test?

    I have data for 09,10, and 2011. I have an exertion level for each individual. My indivduals are classified by the shift they work (8 day, 8 night, 12 day, 12 night). What is the test/method to use to tell if there is a difference between the 4 different shift vars in terms of exertion level...
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    Why making a CONTINUOUS covariate CATEGORICAL changes my results?

    Hello everyone, I guess my question is stupid - I tried to figure it out myself, but couldn't, so please don't be too harsh :) My study looks into how self- vs. others-view and engaging vs. disengaging emotions influence one's desire to announce one's helping behavior (continuous variable)...