categorical variable

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    Measuring categorical (race) and two continuous varibles

    I need your help to identify which test I have to implement for measuring the correlation of one categorical and two continuous variables. In my study I have two constructs: 1- information consumption from credible sources (CS)--4 items(ie., information consumption from CDC website) 2-...
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    Which statistical test?

    I am interested in investigating the impact of the localization of malignant lung tumors on the pattern of lymph node metastases. The localization of the lung tumor is a categorical independent variable divided in upper lobe, middle lobe and lower lobe. The only way I can think of to investigate...
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    Two continuous variables (scores), one categorical variable (gender), how to test?

    I want to compare OCD scores (continuous variable) to PTSD scores (continuous variable), by gender (categorical). Basically I want to know whether OCD scores depend on PTSD scores and gender. What can I use for this? I know I can't use two-way ANOVA because I have one continuous independent...
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    Can I test a continous moderator variable with moderational multiple regression?

    And can I test (separately from question 1 above) a categorical moderator variable (with 3 groups) with moderational multiple regression?
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    Which clustering method can I use?

    I have a data-set which consists of 1 dependent continuous variable and 3 independent categorical variables. I need to find the cluster/group of data points with the smallest within-cluster variance of the independent variable. Any suggestions as to which clustering method I can use?
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    Choosing prior for the regression coefficients in the logistic regression

    I'm trying to model Bayesian logistic regression model (using JAGS in R) with my dependent variable (status: 0=alive, 1 death) & independent variable (age) in the categorical form (0=patients < 65 yrs old, 1=patients >=65 yrs old). I'm using normal dist. as a prior for constant term, b0 and...
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    Which Statistical test to use?

    Can someone tell me the statistical tests I could use with the following variables. Independent variable categorical (high, medium, low) Dependent variables are categorical, and some are dichotomous What parametric (for large samples) and what non-parametric (small samples) could be...
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    Generating segregation variable

    Hey guys. I know this is really simple, I just can't figure it out and it's bugging me! So I have two variables: one is school ID (arbitrary number that functions as ID variable) and a dummy variable that shows if the children has 0 both parents native or 1 one or both parents imigrants...
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    multi level categorical variable in a cox model

    Hello everyone, I would like to know which kind of test of significance do you use for categorical variables with more than two levels in a COX model (as 3 or 4 levels). SAS supply type 3 test but I don't understand exactly what does that means. And a second question : What can we do to...
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    Cox regression model, hazard ratio , using categorical data.

    Hello everyone! I am studying the effect of 8 arm of treatments on a cohort of 80 mice. The variable I have are: time status and arm of treatment. I generated KM curves and obtained by log rank test both a general p.value and pairwise comparisons between couples of curves. Then, I needed...
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    Linear Regression:Controlling for categorical independent variables, WITHOUT dummies?

    Short version: Does including a categorical nominal-level independent variable WITHOUT dummies still work as a simple control for other independent variables? e.g. for P = b0 + b1*Grades + b2*WordCount + b3*Sex + b4*Major With 6 possible categories for Major, I know b4 is meaningless since...
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    Made a categorical variale with 4 categories out of one with 55, now different result

    Hi! I'm busy working on my research, but I ran into a problem. I'm using a logstic regression to estimate the influence of certain independent variables on my (dummy) dependent variable. Then I want to interpret the results with marginal effects. The problem is one of the...
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    Categorical vs Continuous variables

    Hello, Here is my statistical dilemma. I have a group of data comprising of several variables I am analyzing by help of SPSS v21. Some of the variables are discrete eg. Habitat, Marital Status, Employment, Use of substance. The 3 response (dependent) variables are essentially continuous which...
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    Sample size of Categorical Variables

    Hi, I'm running a binary logistic model that includes categorical variables. One of my main covariates has 8 categories and some of the sample sizes within categories are small (e.g. 25 people) but this is in a total sample of 8,537 people. However when you restrict it down to the...