chi square

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    did i use the right test to compare the effectiveness between two groups? chi squar.

    my study included 825 total cases. Out of which, 377 cases are culture positive to fungus. But only 364 cases are smear positive. So, i compared the effectiveness of these two tests: culture test and smear test. I then selected chi square fourfold test , group 1: culture test & group...
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    Poisson distribution - goodness of fit

    I want to test goodness of fit for poisson distribution for a very large data set (~millions of records). Can anybody suggest a method? All the methods that are available are for small data sets.
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    Is Chi Square the right test to use?

    Dear all, I am having a bit of trouble figuring out which test to perform in the following case: In my eye-tracking study participants are viewing short video clips of people's faces and I count the number of times each of five face regions are fixated by each participant. I have one...
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    Is my variable count or measurement and what statistical model would be best?

    I am trying to assess the fine-scale spatial distribution of tadpoles along a depth gradient in relation to abiotic and biotic factors -- and am having great difficulty in determining the best statistical test (Chi square VS ANOVA) to use BECAUSE I cannot determine what kind of data I have...
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    Fitting distribution - Chi Square Test

    Hi, I'm need to test some data for my masterthesis. I'm a newbie to statistics, so please forgive any stupid errors I may have done. I use R for all calculations. I have set of 900000 discrete data points in the range from 1 to 600. I wanna fit a distribution to that data set. I think it is a...