1. M

    chi-square test of independence sig but all post-hoc not--how to report?

    I am conducting chi-square tests of independence and for any that are significant I am conducting Bonferroni adjusted post-hoc tests. I have a couple of cases where the original test is significant but none of the post-hoc tests are significant. What is the correct way to report this?
  2. N

    Assistance Requested in Determining the Appropriate Statistical Analysis

    I am developing a mock research proposal. The study will be a RCT of 100 women from a health clinic. Both groups complete an initial questionnaire as well as a follow up questionnaire (same as the baseline minus the socio-demographic portion). Both are asked to set up an appointment for a cancer...
  3. D

    Repeated-measures chi-square test in SPSS

    Here's my (fairly simple?) question: I have three binary variables, call them A, B, and C. I want to see if the effect of A on B is different than the effect of A on C. In other words, I want to see if there is a significant difference of these two chi-square values. How would I do this in SPSS?
  4. U

    Large sample sizes in Chi-Square goodness-of-fit test

    I'm evaluating six methods that estimates the time when events happen. I have 64'185 events that goes in to 48 bins (one per 30-minutes interval in a day), i.e. the first bin holds events between 00:00-00:30 and so on, see attached histogram. I also have a "true" distribution of the events that...
  5. S

    Using Chi-square test for testing correlation between more than two variables

    Hi, I don't have deep knowledge in statistic, and I have been googling for an answer to my question, but i got no luck. Hopefully i found an answer here regardless to how stupid my question might be... I knew from my little knowledge, I can determine the correlation/association/dependency...
  6. F

    Structural Equation Modeling - Chi-Square confusion

    Hi, I ran structural equation modeling in lavaan. I've run ML, MLM and MLR. The chi-square p-values are always 0.000. The data is quite nonnomal and has skewness and kurtosis. In one case the data is 250. In another research the data is 164 respondents. However, my performance fit...
  7. Z

    assocstats() output

    Hello, When I type > assocstats(mytable) I get the output: X^2 df P(> X^2) Likelihood Ratio 0.085525 1 0.76995 Pearson 0.084803 1 0.77089 Please can someone explain me what that means? (I only know that df is...
  8. G

    Chi-Square: Is effect A larger than effect B?

    Dear All, I would like to test hypotheses like the following example: Effect A is weaker than effect B. For Effects A and B, I have a 2 (error: present vs. absent) x 2 (group: control vs. experimental) contingency table, thus getting chi and e.g. a phi-coefficient. My question is: How...
  9. P

    Comparing categorical data for a relationship - alternatives to a chi-square test?

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post here, and I am very new to statistical testing, so I'm going to try to make this question as clear as possible (but please feel free to correct terminology, or ask for more clarification if I am missing information in my question). I am working with...
  10. J

    Complex Samples -- subpopulations in Chi-Square

    I have a survey design that I've implemented using the Complex Samples module. Running regressions, logit, etc, work fine with subpopulations specified. However, when I attempt to run a chi-square test using crosstabs I get the following warning: "The Test of Independence is not available...
  11. L

    Ordinal logistic regression: g-o-f test in Stata13

    I'm running an analysis on ordinal data in Stata13. I'm looking at 7 different DVs (separately), so parsimony is crucial--I will be repeating every analysis 7 times. For each DV, I have 9 IVs (ordinal, count, and binary categorical). I'm having 2 main problems: 1) I created composite...
  12. S

    2x2 contigency table non-independent but not paired data

    I am looking at male-biased sexual size dimorphism in a bird species (males average larger than females). I am interested in the proportion of males larger than females in breeding pairs. I have one proportion result "A" from observed breeding pairs. I then did random bootstrap resampling...
  13. Austringer

    Cramer's V in XLSTAT

    Hi all, I performed contingency table tests and I want to know how to interpret Cramer's V test stat. I am using Cramer's V as my tables violate basic Chi-square assumptions of theoretical frequencies >5, i.e. my freqs. <5 in tables such as below. Which p-value can I use to interpret the...
  14. R

    Assessing change using McNemar's test

    I have Pre and post-intervention test scores of a number of skills rated from 0-3 (0 = Poor, 1 = Fair, 2 = Average, 3 = Good) for 5 participants. I am trying to use McNemar's test for each skill to test for change and would greatly appreciate some help. I am unclear about whether - 1) I can...
  15. S

    No margins for chi-squared test with multiple categories?

    This post has been deleted
  16. N

    Theoretical questions about Chi goodness of fit & Fisher's Exact tests

    Hello statisticians, My main questions are; 1) For a Chi goodness of fit test, which effect size do you use? I am being told Cramer's V, Phi, Omega and W! (There seem to be a lot more answers for a Chi association test, but not for a Chi goodness of fit) 2) Can you use an Odds Ratio...
  17. Q

    Spss .000

    Hi, I've got a report to do for my Quantitative Methods course. We were given a dataset, had to chose our own hypotheses then run tests to find significance. The problem i'm having is, the majority of my Pearson's Chi-square tests i'm running are telling me there's 0.000 significance. I'm...
  18. O

    Math interpretation of linear regression through the origin and related estimates

    Hello all, while group-doing some basic linear regression I've stumbled upon a puzzling matter. Given a set of points in the form (x_i, y_i), I can fit them as a line through the origin in the form y = b_1 \cdot x where b_1 = \frac{\sum x_i \cdot y_i}{\sum x_i{^2}} and this...
  19. M

    Chi squared troubles

    Okay, so i have been given an assignment in uni were they give us a set of data and we have to write up a scientific report. I have to perform a chi square test on the results in the hopefully attached table. I'm unsure about a couple of things: 1. Are my expected results obtained by using...
  20. R

    Percentage Prevalence comparison (non-independent groups)

    Hi all! I have a dataset which I think could potentially be very exciting but I am struggling to find how to analyse it! We have gathered lots of information on the percentage if individuals who exhibit different forms of the same class of behaviour (categorical data- present/absent). All...