chow test

  1. I

    Interpretation of chow test

    I wanted to know if the results in the table attached indicates if the data can be pooled. Help is much appreciated.
  2. E

    Chow test to compare regression models with different parameters

    Hi, I have some questions about chow test. Let’s say what I am doing is: I have a set of house sale data (n = 30000) and somehow I divided it into two subsets (n1 = 10000 and n2 = 20000). Using house price as dependent variable and a long list of housing attributes as independent variable, I...
  3. noetsi

    Chow test and structural breaks

    I read this comment in a discussion of structural breaks. It is difficult me to imagine estimating when a break would occur unless you look at the data [or someone else did for you]. So does that mean the Chow test is basically useless :p