1. F

    classification of probability distributions

    Hi, I wonder if there is a classification of probability distributions or so called 'controlled vocabulary' or 'ontology'? So far I could find following classification patterns 1. Parametric a. continuous with a probability density function b. discrete with a probability mass function...
  2. B

    data pre-processing, classification

    Hai, I have a data set having two features. Each feature has 62 elements. These 62 elements are divided into 4 classes. But inter-class separation is no good. I have to use them for classification of data. How can i make them having good inter-class separation ? for example ...
  3. G

    Factor scores to classify groups?

    Hi there, I have carried out a principal component analysis and I would like to use the factor scores to classify 5 groups of respondents. What should I do? A discriminant function analysis? Thank you :)
  4. M

    Comparing classification results with cross-validation

    Hi all, I have several questions regarding cross-validation to compare binary classifier accuracies: I like to classify molecules in biologically "active" or "inactive" (dependent variable) using different, sometimes overlapping sets of molecular descriptors (independent variables). To...
  5. O

    Bootstrapping question - comparing classifier accuracy

    Hi, I'm developing a classification system for objects. I have a total of 20 different objects that the system should classify, but I want to test the system with a varying number of classes. (3 objects at a time, 4 objects at a time etc.) What I thought of doing is the following: For each...