clinical level data

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    What are the downfalls of selecting most parsimonious model using AIC?

    Hi all, I am rather new to statistics, but I am reviewing a paper that applies the most parsimonious model for logistic regression using Akaike’s Information Criterion. It is a clinical study in ~200 patients and covariates assessed are mostly categorical variables. Results are opposite of...
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    Health center level data to client level data?? posible?

    I have data for 31 centers (observations) and have the following variables of interest. Ex: IDcenter= 1 client_black=25 client_white 50 client_total 75 visits_black=50 visits_white=60 visits_total=110 special_visits_white=20 special_visits_black=21 special_visits_total=41 Visits=total...