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    I tried to calculate a probability problem..pls review my try?

    I will be straight and simple on explanation: Abstract: I was playing bingo in a mobile game with my friend, and I wondered, "what is the probability of not getting a bingo?" Objective: to calculate probablity of not getting a bingo. Rules: * 5x5 board = 25 boxes total * only number 1-25...
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    For the following example, is order meaningful or not?

    Consider a hypothetical example. There are 12 tickets for a documentary film and exactly 12 people to buy the tickets (one person can buy only one ticket). There are 3 ticketbooths for selling the tickets and each ticketbooth will sell exactly 4 tickets. Suppose the researcher labels the 12...
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    Combination, Permutation or Something Different?

    Hi I'm working on a project but I'm not sure if I'm dealing with a Combination, Permutation or something different. I have 5 separate "select groups" - each "select group" has 10 items. The goal is to randomize the list so that I end up with a 5 pack bundle of different items - only 1 item...
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    Solving a permutations-combinations problem

    Hi Could you please explain to me how to do the following question? "There are 12 beads in an urn, where 5 of them are blue, 4 are red and 3 are yellow. Beads with the same colour are identical. You pick out 9 beads randomly from the urn without replacement. a) Find the probability that there...
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    probabilities of combinations

    Hi, I'm thinking if you can help me think of a better way to solve this. Here's the situation I have probabilities of the number of bags I can sell in a day 2 - 30 % 3 - 28% 4 - 20% 5 - 16% 6 - 6% Now, I want to know the probability of selling, for example, 8 bags after 3 days...
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    Permutation problem (password)

    Hello all, I have been struggling with this problem for a while and I would really appreciate it if you can explain it to me. A computer hacker is trying to break into a computer system by guessing the system administrator's password. The hacker can try 8 passwords a minute, but if he...
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    Probability on 2 random events combined

    event A and B are not related but : if A happens then the event C has a probability W of happening. if B happens then the event C has a probability Z of happening. if both conditions happen A and B, Is the probability of C happening the combination of probabilities, W*Z then? Thanks
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    directional stats: combination of von Mises distributions

    Dear Stats-Experts: I am at loss in my research project and would appreciate any input, reference to literature, publications, etc. Here it goes: I have a set of directional data which I know is a combination of two von Mises distributions. I have been able to isolate one contributor...