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    Idea of statistical analysis for a particular design

    Hi all, I really need your expertise! Here a set of data obtained from a study: there is 16 participants. Each participant had 3 successive lab visits. During each visit, they consume one drink : either the Drink 1, Drink 2 or Drink 3 (control). The order of drink administration is randomized...
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    Post Hoc Analysis

    Hi, I am having trouble running a post-hoc analysis as I keep recieving the message: "Post hoc tests are not performed for EmpathyMean/AltruismMean because at least one group has fewer than two cases." I am trying to compare the means between two independent variables (Altruism & Empathy) and...
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    Which non-parametric test to choose?

    Hello everyone, I have trouble figuring out which statistical test for differences between two groups to choose from: I have two groups, A and B. For each group member I measured a value X and shortly after a value Y. These values depend on each other. I calculated the difference between value...
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    ANOVA maybe?

    I realized the answer but can't see how to delete.
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    Difference Measurement (compare means) between two continuous variables

    Hello, I'm looking for a test and need some help :( .. Variable 1: value (continuous) Variable 2: expectation (continuous) Dependent variable: performance My hypothesis: high value and low expectation lead to lower performance than low value and low expectation. How do I test this...
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    Unequal sample sizes, unequal variances, help my ANCOVA!

    Hi everyone, I am trying to test to see if there is a difference between the means in two populations. Population A: 100 people, controls Population B: 330 people, anorexic I want to see whether they differ on a measure of body checking (ex: pinching fat). I'm using SPSS...
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    Comparing means between sample and subsample

    I would like to compare the mean score on personality questionnaire between my total sample (n=97) and my subsample (n=44) to see if there is a significant difference. I have absolutely no idea which statistical test I can use for this, since I mostly use independent or dependent sample t-test...
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    Comparing groups- what test to use

    Hello, I am looking to compare the means for two groups (midfield - forward; top - bottom) against each other. Could someone please assist me in choosing what t test to use, or whether it is even a t test. an example of the data I am comparing is: Goals Top 5 Goals Bottom 5...
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    Appropriate tests for comparing 2 normally distributed datasets (ttest?)

    Hello, It's been a while since my A-level statistics course so I just want to make sure I'm doing the appropriate test for my data. I'm a PhD student working in X-ray crystallography. My situation is that I have 2 populations of data, of varying sizes, in one population the samples have...
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    T-test to compare two means with only means and n known

    Hi statistics geniuses! I've been looking around not being able to find out how, if at all, it is possible to test whether two means are different from each other. I only know the two means and the n for each of the two samples... How can you do that?