compare pooled data

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    Need help with pooling groups!

    So I am not completely sure whether I can pool my groups or not to compare them, or if it would be better to compare them pair-wise. The purpose of this comparison is to test the efficacy of my stress protocol. Here is my experiment design: In my first data set I have three different types of...
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    Interpretation of chow test

    I wanted to know if the results in the table attached indicates if the data can be pooled. Help is much appreciated.
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    Non-comparative studies in a meta-analysis

    I am currently busy with the statitics of a meta-analysis using non-comparative studies. Therefor I used the RevMan tool by Cochrane Initiative. But because the studies van non-comparative it does not work. I tried it in different ways, but I can't make it work. Can someone help me pool this...