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    SPSS Complex Samples Logistic Regression

    Hi all, I am hoping this is a simple question... I am using SPSS for complex samples and in my logistic regression output I do not have any p-values for the significance of my variables. Does anyone know where I can get the p-values in my output of logistic regression of complex...
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    Pooled estimate of logistic regression with complex weights

    Hello world, I apologize for not being smarter but here is my question with a bit of a background. I used a multiple imputation method to fill in missing data for a binary outcome that came from survey data. Unfortunately, I found that SPSS does not necessarily come up with a pooled estimate...
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    Multiple Imputation Method - Including complex weights

    Hello, I was trying to perform a multiple imputation on missing data of my project. However, I was not able to find how to include complex weights into the analysis. I'm assuming that it would be added to the syntax. Sorry for the request but if it is so, would you be able to inform me what the...
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    Weightage - Complex Sample

    Hi. I would like to ask. Is there any difference if i do the analysis using weight case option in SPSS Data> Weight Cases - then do the statistical analysis & compared with Complex Sample - prepared a plan with Analyze> Complex Sample - and do all the analysis there? Thank you.
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    Standard error of estimates’ difference in Complex overlapping samples

    Hi All, I am dealing with survey data sourced by means of complex sample designs (involving stratification and clustering) across two survey waves. The two samples are to some extent overlapping, as some participants from the first wave have also responded to the second year’s wave. And I...
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    Complex Samples -- subpopulations in Chi-Square

    I have a survey design that I've implemented using the Complex Samples module. Running regressions, logit, etc, work fine with subpopulations specified. However, when I attempt to run a chi-square test using crosstabs I get the following warning: "The Test of Independence is not available...
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    How to get Kappa in surveys (complex samples) with SPSS??

    Hi, I am working with a stratified sample from a survey (a complex sample). I just tried to measure the agreement between two variables with the kappa test but it seems there is no way to take the nature of the sample into account in SPSS. We know the Kappa value will be the same, but...