confidence interval

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    Confidence intervals for survival estimates with combinations of risk factors

    Dear all, I have time-to-event data for patients with epilepsy. We have produced a parsimonious multivariable model for this event and therefore can obtain the probability of the event at each recorded time point. In addition to this, we can work out the survival estimate at a time point...
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    Relavance of confidence interval in Relative Risk

    What exactly the relavance of the confidence interval of a Relative Risk? heard that if the CI includes 1, then there is no statistically significant relative risk. in that case can we conclude that what ever the RR is purely due to chance and no risk at all. really needa help in this...
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    Impulse Response Functions

    I have obtained point estimates for impulse response functions. How can I tell if it's values are significant?
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    Question on mathematical soundness of confidence interval data validity test

    Hello, I have data with daily values for a measured parameter for an entire year. Often within any given month there are several days with missing values. I need to have data for this parameter on a daily basis, so I utilize a statistical method recommended to me by a graduate to...
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    Difference between standard deviation and standard error

    Hi, what exactly is the difference between the SD and SE? I read through the wikipedia article but dont really understand the difference. Can anyone help? Cheers beginner