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    Unbalanced confounding variable

    Apologies if this has been asked before, but I could not find anything relevant. I have created a physiological score (continuous variable, values between 0 and 1) that correlates to a disease (binary variable, 0 = healthy, 1 = patient). The idea is to use this score to predict the disease...
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    Interaction of treatment with confounder

    In a multivariate regression analysis, I examine the effect that a treatment method has on subjects' hemoglobin levels. Since this is a retrospective study, I could not control for gender (or age) by randomization prior to collection. As a result, I control for gender in my analyses. The...
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    Identifying potential confounders

    Univariate analyses are performed for demographic characteristics to test whether they were potential confounders; having a relationship with the outcome variable, having a relationship with the independent variable, and not being an intermediate variable between the independent variables (13)...
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    Choosing a statistical test when study includes both continuous and categorical variables

    Can logistic and linear regression be used when there are both continuous and categorical predictors? Is there any benefit to starting with ANOVA/t-test/chi-square?
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    R square read with or without confounder in the analysis

    Hey, My bachelor thesis is about fatigue, nausea and cognitive decline in patients who have head and neck radiation. For example, the dependent variable is fatigue, looked at the difference score (score of fatigue 6 months after radiation (T1) - the start of radiation (T0) score. The...
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    Finding my control group PSM, Matching or regression model and correct for confounder

    Hey there, First off I'm hoping I'm posting this in the right place. I'm doing research where there is a patient group of n=9 that underwent our new treatment. Whilst there is a group of n=140 that underwent the regular treatment. Now my prof. wants me to find the 18 most matching...
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    Controlling for Confounders- Adjusted Means/Mean differences

    I am running analysis in SPSS. My research question: Is there a difference between the mean scores of group X and Y on the outcome variable. For this I will use a t-test. However, I would also like to a compute t-test which gives adjusted means/an adjusted mean difference after controlling for...
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    Confounder analysis for LOGISTIC regression

    Hi there, I have the following situation: I have a logistic regression analysis, in which I have 3 variables: The dependent variable- dichotomous- (complication/no complication). The independent variable- continuous variable- no. of days passed since hospitalization. The confounding...
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    Assumptions independent variables when just want to control/adjust for - less strict?

    Is it true that when one just want to control for/adjust for in linear og logistic regression models, the variables one wants to control for/adjust for does not have to meet the assumptions of these models? For instance, if one wants to control for age, sex and education (common confounders)...
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    Multiple Regression and Confounding Factors

    I am working on my thesis project which involves analyzing whether a dichotomous independent variable has an effect on a continuous dependent variable, however there are a number of potentially confounding factors that may affect this relationship. How do I go about doing a multiple regression...