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    probability density

    Hi All I am currently doing Master in data science. I came across the function PDF probability density function which is used to find cumulative probability(range) of a continuous random variable. The PDF probability density function is plotted against probability density in y axis...
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    Continuous or Discrete Variable?

    Hello, Would the average daily subscriber count for a YouTube channel be considered continuous or discrete data? For instance, a YouTube channel gains 100 subscribers on average per day or it can lose 100 subscribers on average per day. Is this discrete or continuous? I believe it to be...
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    Can I test a continous moderator variable with moderational multiple regression?

    And can I test (separately from question 1 above) a categorical moderator variable (with 3 groups) with moderational multiple regression?
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    Which clustering method can I use?

    I have a data-set which consists of 1 dependent continuous variable and 3 independent categorical variables. I need to find the cluster/group of data points with the smallest within-cluster variance of the independent variable. Any suggestions as to which clustering method I can use?
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    Item Response Theory (IRT) and Response Time (Millisecond)

    Greetings from Spain, I have a question My doctoral thesis professor and I want to apply IRT to a series of neuropsychological tests (STROOP, Ekman, Discounting Test among others) The bibliography on the subject is almost nonexistent. Can this model be applied for continuous variables? Can ms...
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    Geospatial best fit - Histogram against continous measured data?

    Hi, I have some remote sensing images from which I extracted the pixel values as histogramms: Pixel value respectively classes 1 - 255 example: Picture 1: NDVI Value-Count 1-3565 2-0 3-0 4-564 5-665 6-0 7-0 8-3 . . . 255-123 Picture 2: Near Infrared Value-Count...
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    Point-biserial correlation when some of the test assumptions is violated

    Hi! I originally posted my question on StacExchange-CrossValidated, but no one there seems to be able to answer my question. This is the situation: I've got 15 raters who assess if there is deep invasion of a cancer type or not (dichotomous), and they can be either accurate or inaccurate...
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    Normal Curve & Standard deviation HELP!

    This is my homework question and in my right brained mind can not or the life of me think any further. My only hope is that someone out there in the universe can help my melted brain: Pick a continuous variable (that is, interval or ratio in scale of measurement) that is normally distributed...
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    Logistic Regression model: a significant predicting variable with low sensitivity?

    Hi fellow forum members! Thank you in advance for your time! I used binary logistics regression (SPSS) to determine the relationship between ambient noise levels (a continuous variable on a logarithmic scale, dB) and a single dichotomous dependent variable ("yes" - 1- for whale positive...
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    Confounder analysis for LOGISTIC regression

    Hi there, I have the following situation: I have a logistic regression analysis, in which I have 3 variables: The dependent variable- dichotomous- (complication/no complication). The independent variable- continuous variable- no. of days passed since hospitalization. The confounding...
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    SPSS: Comparing Continuous Variable of Unequal Size Groups (in graphs)

    Hi, An advance thanks to all of you for helping out! I am trying to plot a continuous variable (Income) against cumulative percentages (of number of households) to study what % of households have a particular income level. A basic line graph does this well. And the result is a kind of S...