continuous moderator

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    Interpretation of continuous interaction term

    Hi all, I have a question regarding the interpretation of a squared interaction term in the following model: Y=β0+β1X+ β1X^2 + β2Z+ β3 X^2Z X and Z are continuous and X is negatively related to Y whereas Z is positively related to Y. Is it true that a negative interaction...
  2. Y

    interpretation of regression coefficients in categorical*continuous interaction

    Hello, I have been struggling with the interpretation of the coefficients in my multiple regression model and I hope you can help me with that! Thanks in advance for reading the long explanation that follows and for thinking along! I have 4 predictors in my model: 1 binary categorical...
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    Interpreting interaction between dummy IV and continuous moderator with log DV

    Interaction between dummy IV and continuous moderator with log DV Hello Community, I urgently need your help to read the results of my regression analysis for my master thesis, which I need to hand in next week. My DV is the natural logarithm of R&D expenditures, IV is a dummy variable...