count data models

  1. G

    How is simulation used to check differences of regression techniques.

    I was reading a paper on Bootstrapping with models for count data. (Page 1170) or On the paper the author uses the conventional MLE to fit Poisson...
  2. kiton

    Adressing endogeneity in panel count models

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  3. B

    Overthinking a 'simple' count variable analysis over time

    Hello everyone. New member, hoping I will be able to contribute and help out! I have been working on this for about 5 days, and gotten to the point where my brain is going in circles. Hopefully you can help me understand what type of analysis this requires. I am conducting what should be...
  4. R

    How to estimate count data models with observations with incomplete spell periods?

    Dear friends, I have a data base of 51 contracts. My research consists of estimating the determinants of recurrent contract renegotiations. Thus I built a cross section database and estimated a Poisson model, in which the dependent variable is the number of renegotiations. A reviewer argued...