covariate selection

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    How to choose between two regression models when one has a higher adjusted R^2 and the other has a lower BIC?

    I have two regression models with different number of covariates/predictors. After performing a subset selection, the remaining two choices are Model 1, which has 7 covariates and a lower BIC. Model 2, which has 11 covariates and a higher adjusted R^2. Using the BIC criteria, you select the...
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    Manual Forward Selection - order of covariates

    Hi all, I have a conceptual model, with different covariates to explain an o=e relationship. I have confounders and effect modifiers. I am unsure, to begin the manual forward selection (for which I will only add variables based on certain criteria), with covariates CLOSER to the main...
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    package glmulti: problem with wrapper function to include variable in ALL models

    Dear all, I have a question about the glmulti package. I want to include some variables in all models. To that end I applied the wrapper function as shown in the examples ( To include the variable “Geslacht” in all models: >...