data entry

  1. M

    Adding information in a table

    Hi, I am collecting the details of family members , and the education details of my research participants in the format below. How do I enter this data into SPSS? Family constellation: Education details:
  2. I

    How would you enter this data?

    I have to do a t-test (it doesn't say which type of t-test) in SPSS about the olfactory scores of smokers and non-smokers. For smokers, we are given the scores so I know how to enter that in SPSS. For non-smokers, we are not given the scores, it simply says “On a test of olfactory sensitivity...
  3. S

    urgent spss anova help!!!!

    I have to enter data into spss that is already given to me the study description is bellow. i would like to know three things; 1 is this a one-way or two-way anova? 2. is it repeated or independent? 3. do i put gender in first column with values of male and female as independent and put...
  4. kiton

    Need help with the code to create a signle data file out of 1,200 txt's

    Hello dear forum members, My data include roughly 1,200 *.txt files, where (a) * is a 3 to 7 digit non-consecutive number representing participant's id, and (b) the contents of the file is participant's response -- text ranging from 5 to 500 words. What will be the code to create a single...
  5. T

    Trouble comparing variables in SPSS to one set of rules

    Hi guys! I am a little puzzled. :confused::confused: I am carrying out research on cyclists perceived benefits of the supplements they take and comparing them to what is scientifically proven. So far I have inserted all my data into SPSS and I have grouped all the variables accordingly...
  6. P

    [Correlation Analysis] Information on entering and analyzing Likert-scale data

    Hi, I am a Psychology student seeking advice for using SPSS (version 21). My research question is whether personality traits (extravertedness, agreeableness, etc.) relate to organisational commitment (OC). Both questionnaires are on a Likert-scale format (the personality measure has 5...
  7. A

    Where can I find real data for ANOVA for a project?

    Where can I find real data for ANOVA for a project? I have my semester project due soon and I need to get real life data to use for the analysis. I searched but didn't get the best results. any one know any website?
  8. L

    Mixed model, repeated measures ANOVA, SPSS

    Hi everyone :), I have a data set that consists of 16 participants, running an experiment twice each, using different stimulus sets each time. I have 2 dependent variables: scorecorrect and scoreincorrect. I have 3 within subject independents all with 2 levels each: drugtype (alcohol or...
  9. K

    Challenging research design and trouble with data entry and analysis in SPSS

    Dear all, I have been given some data to analyze with SPSS but I am stuck and would like some help. The design is the following: There are 40 participants in total, two types of computer devices (desktop, mobile) and two types of software for drawing sketches (soft1, soft2). Participants...
  10. I

    SPSS – Problem with Poisson Model for Rates

    Dear all, I have recently been given a piece of SPSS-based coursework, and with the deadline coming into view I am stuck on the data entry section. I have been given two tables of data: Table 1 presents the number of cases of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) by sex, age and...
  11. R

    Fractional Factorial Design Question

    Does anyone have experience with using fractional factorial designs for psychological research? I'm new to DoE, and I have no guidance except the internet... not too helpful. Anyhow, I have a practical question about data collection and entry (e.g. minitab) The question is: if I have...
  12. V

    Entering data into a multi-way array?

    Hello: I am a novice R user, but I have been working my way through the manuals / tutorials, ... I have R / Deducer up and running, and know the basics. I want to analyze a microarray (gene expression) dataset. I need to input the data into R as a multidimensional (multi-way) array...