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    Finding the worst mobile phone by Regression and Data Mining

    we have about 50000 models of mobile phone (like Galaxy S7, iPhone 9) in database and the size of data is about 3 million. We want to find the mobile phones that have the least call success rate ( the numbers of successful call divided by total call). We want to run a Regression model to find...
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    Selecting an appropriate spatial scale in landscape ecology!?

    Hello, I am currently studying the effect of organic farming on honeybee colonies. I have calculated the percentage of organic land in several buffer areas around the hives (from 100m to 3000m in 100m steps) and I would like to study how an increase in this percentage changes honeybee...
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    Clustering heterogenous groups based on similarity of heterogeneity

    Disclaimer: I am not a stats major, and would love it if people shred my question to bits if it contains any obvious logical flaws. I am not a native English speaker, but I try my best to be concise. The reason why I am writing here is to get to the proper statistical lingo/jargon to better...
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    Announcement : Data Explorer

    Hello, You may be interested in the release of a new data explorer software aimed at statistical analyses and data mining operations ( more than 25 different analyses). All the functions are executed in a very easy way by dragging objects with the mouse. Description and demo movie can be...
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    Treating multiple observations per object

    My data consists of thousands of machine elements, their price, as well as technical and non-technical attributes. Most of the data is categorical The technical data contains information such as weight, dimensions, material. Each element (identified by unique code) has distinct technical...
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    Data Mining Methods with Nested Data

    I have three general questions that I am really struggling to answer: a) When we have nested data (e.g. employees nested in departments which are nested in companies which are in specific geographical regions) how data mining methods adjust to nesting? b) Are data mining methods ""immune""...
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    Investigation outliers, could data mining be a solution?

    Hi everyone, This is my first post. :wave: I am currently working on a project to investigate the reason for why these providers are outliers on the dataset on a whole. I am finding it very tricky to find statistical methods that "investigate" outliers- as in show you why they are outliers...
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    [Enterprise Miner] Simulating C4.5 algorithm using Decision Tree node.

    Hi, In SAS Enterprise Miner 6.2 it's possible to approximate CHAID and CART methods using Decision Tree node, according to SAS Help, but there is nothing about C4.5 algorithm. How can I mimic C4.5 algorithm using Decision Tree node? I would be grateful for any help.
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    What tools can we use to solve LR equations to get unknown parameter vector?

    Greetings, Apologies if my explanations are unclear, I am new to data mining coming from business intelligence development area. Let's say we have the total daily revenue R that we get selling a few hundred different products (p). We know the daily volumes sold (v) and need to use LR to...