data processing

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    Dataprocessing: how to insert an empty row if measurement of that time-slot is missing

    My data consist of many parameters, measured in a frequency of 1 second. At random moments a second is "skipped" from the data (see picture, 21:24:29 is skipped for instance). I would like to create an empty row where a second is skipped in my data, so that I can impute the datafile afterwards...
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    merging partial duplicates

    merging partial duplicates (please help) Dear reader, I have a question in regards to preparing my dataset for research. I have a dataset in SPSS 20 in long format as I am researching on individual level over multiple years. However some individuals were added twice to my dataset because...
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    Compute the intersection of two csv file

    I have two csv files sharing some common columns. They are referred to as A.csv and B.csv. Right now, I need to generate two new files. C.csv is the intersection of A.csv and B.csv; D.csv consists of the remaining columns after subtracting C.csv from B.csv. Are there any approaches to do the...