data visualization

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    Brast vs prostate cancer visualisation

    Hi everyone, I am learning how to graph data in R. I have taken two chunks of data from Eurostat: - deaths reported by country in Erope from prostate cancer (males) between 1999 and 2010 - deaths reported by country in Europe from breast cancer (females) between 1999 and 2010 I put the two...
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    Statpedia: Looking for feedback & help

    Hello, My team and I recently created an open project for people to create charts in a super easy way. I thought I would share it with this group for suggestions or how people like it. The project is, the new version was just released. We really want to create something...
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    Data Visualization - Further Step than Correspondence Analysis

    Hi, I've currently been using correspondence to visualize our different consumer groups with each other. I have been comparing my column groups (AA, BB, CC) with my row groups (A, B, C). The cross section of groups all have affinities with each other that I've been able to use XLSTAT to...