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    Ordering Data

    Hello, everyone! I am still learning to use Statistical softwares and I have a question about R. I have a data table which has one column with 5571 codes, one code in each line. Each code has 7 digits and I need to delete the last digit of each code. I want to know if I can do this in an...
  2. O

    Indices with data bound between -1 and +1

    Hi all, I would really appreciate some advice on how to deal with my data. I would like to compare data calculated from an index which is bounded by -1 and +1. I was surprised to see that previously published use of this index has been analysed using standard ANOVA, because I was led to...
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    Looking for help with the Mann-Whitney U Test

    Hey, I'm a highschool student finishing up with AP Statistics. In my final project, I am using the Mann-Whitney U Test to compare two un-normal data sets, but this test is beyond the scope of the course, and I have never really learned how to do it. The descriptions I have found on how to carry...
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    Multivariate logistic regression analysis from patient data

    I would like to conduct a multivariate regression analysis on patient data using essentially the following setup: Dependent: a continuous variable Independent: several categorical and continuous variables. So I want to check whether any of the independent variable(s) predict the...
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    What test to get a P-Value?

    So I have a group of students all divided by different categories in response to a poll. There is a total of 34 students. Depending on each answer, I assigned the student a 1, 2, 3, or 4 for that category. For example, favorite candy 1 = twix 2 = snickers 3 = gum 4 = none. Now that I've divided...
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    Which statistic test to use?

    I will like to make a statistic analysis on some data but do not know which test to use. My data is listed below (I have 3 treatments and one numerical data column (%), each combination is made in triplicates): G A I 30,9000 G A I 31,2000 G A I 41,9000 G A II 17,0000 G A II 18,4000 G A II...
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    Problematic variables in regression model

    I'm using data from from a publicly available Europe-wide survey of employees which was conducted over a series of waves from 1991-2010. The survey changed slightly each time. Unfortunately there's a question about childcare that is really important, which changed considerably (initially it...
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    Help understanding K means results

    Hi there, I am doing K means statistics in SPSS for the first time and I am unsure of what exatly the results show. I have outputs of 'Initial Cluster Centres', 'Iteration History', 'Final Cluster Centres', and 'Number of Clusters in Each Centre'. I have 9 clusters, could anyone help me...
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    Help with decision tree when continuous data

    [Solved Myself, Worthless Community] Help with decision tree when continuous data Hello, I have a dataset (y = true/false, x's = combination of binary and continuous data columns, n = 5000) that I am attempting to create a decision tree for. I used an entropy calculation to determine my...
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    Duplicate cases into a new variable

    hello, I'm trying to create a new variable that takes cases from another variable. It has to do so that the first case of the old variable is placed in cases 1-26 of the newvariable. The value of case number 2 of the old variable placed in cases 27-53 of the newvariable. I tried to give a...
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    Need advice writing SAS programs to read datas

    4. The following table lists 3 personnel records of a company. Staff ID Birthday Monthly Salary A123 4 March 1989 8,600 A037 23 June 1957 21,450 M015 19 September 1976 17,500 Staff id number has the format...
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    Data input for coxph(Surv analysis

    Dear friends, I would like to ask this quite easy question regarding the data format for a coxph frailty model.
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    3 Groups of Participants & Likert data

    Hi, I'm new to the forum - though I have browsed and found the resources helpful for a long time. Thank you to all who contribute here. I have an issue with some data that I can't see covered elsewhere. I have conducted a study on whether 3 different groups of students found our mobile...
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    sparse time forecast

    Hello to All I have a dataset pertaining to 1980 and 2000. Because I have actual value in 1980 (CR80) and 2000(CR00); I want to make a model that is a forecast for the data point in 2000 using the value in 1980. I want to use covariates from 1980 to predict how good the forecast is. What...
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    Where can I find real data for ANOVA for a project?

    Where can I find real data for ANOVA for a project? I have my semester project due soon and I need to get real life data to use for the analysis. I searched but didn't get the best results. any one know any website?
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    Can I combine data from different sources?

    Hi all, I'm very novice at statistics but part of my course is to complete a small research project. My supervisor has said that she can't help me with statistics so I'm at a loss and would be very grateful for any help anyone can offer here. My research question is whether bullying...
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    Tobit model

    Hello, how does the Tobit model treat censored dependent variable data? I have a dataset with zeros that actually stand for non-zero but missing observations. Which is why I don't want them to be viewed as zeros. How does Tobit apply to this?
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    Running time-series regressions on discontinuous datasets: is it legitimate?

    I would like to run a simple time-series regression, to estimate the sensitivity of my dependent variable to a set of explanatory variables. However, the dataset could be subdivided into subsets that fall under specific categories. For example, a time-series of stock returns could be subdivided...
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    SPSS test for analysing likert scale data and categorical data

    Hello :) I have recently begun analysing some data that had to be collected in a certain way, where participants had to give ratings for a set of images and then had to categorise the image. I have collected and input data from a survey of two parts 1) a response scale (1-7) like a likert...
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    How to start on data analisys

    Hey, i am new here and i would like get some advices to start on data analisys field. I study computing engineer and i work as programmer. For my work i have access to big amount of data that i would like analize. Any tutorial for first steps? Thank you in advance and sorry for my english