dependent correlations

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    Multiple Inter-Correlated Binomial Events with only One Event Possible for Success

    Hi you’ll, I have a thought problem that might not have an easy/correct answer. It looks to be a Bayesian at first glance – and it might be – but because I am using some complicated machine-learning algorithms, and because of the nature of the problem, the water are muddy for me. I am just...
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    About Correlations between Mathematically Dependent Variables: Best Practice?

    Summary / Basic question: How do I correct for a logical (/mathematical) dependency between two variables when I want to compute the correlation between these two variables? Specific Issue: Analysis Goal: To assess whether or not medical facilities favor some Procedure X more or less as a...
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    dependent correlations significance test

    Hi all, I have a test score with which I want to explain another test difference score (post-pre), under 4 conditions. All conditions are within-subject (dependent). Each participant has a test score, and 4 difference scores. I correlated the test score with the difference scores in each...