dichotomous variable

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    Moderating Effect (Interaction) in Binary Logistic Regression

    Hey, I presume the answer to my question is fairly straightforward but im really having a hard time understanding how to approach this. I am conducting a binary logistic regression with dependent variable Conversion (0 = No, 1 = Yes) and three independent variables; Group (Control vs...
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    longitudinal analsis of dichotomous variable in SPSS

    Hi all. I'm stumped. I have a dichotomous (yes/no) variable that I have assessed at 4 different time points. I would like to analyze this variable to see if/how it changes over time, but honestly don't know how. I can run a bunch of chi-squares, but i'm pretty sure that doesn't really address...
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    Groups in a variable are largely unequal in size

    Hi, I want to run an analysis on a data set. However, the primary predictor variable (5 point scale) varies greatly in size of each group. I plan to create a dichotomous variable from these 5 category. the 0 value would include 75.4% of cases (n=1728), while the 1 value would only include...