discrete random variables

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    Dependent variable from ratio counts. That's discrete? If yes, which test for low Ns?

    Hi all, I have a rather specific question, I somehow don't seem to be able to find the answer to. So I work on biological tissue, where I count the number of cells that have been 'touched' by a particular axon. Meaning that my counts are ratios-percentages: dependent variable: 'percentages of...
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    Combining two dependant discrete random variables

    Hi, I’m looking for a way to combine two discrete random variables (which I have as probability distributions). The combination should be the product (or other operation) of the two variables. This would be easy if they were independent, but they’re not. There is a known correlation between...
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    Poisson distribution - goodness of fit

    I want to test goodness of fit for poisson distribution for a very large data set (~millions of records). Can anybody suggest a method? All the methods that are available are for small data sets.
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    Comparing probability distributions over discrete random variables

    Hi guys Sorry if the post is not in the right place but I am new here. I am comparing the performance of two monte carlo methods. The results I got are the marginals for the same set of random variables. Lets say for example: First Method Second Method X1 0.62...